Welcome to the Arthur Ashe Legacy Website at UCLA!

Arthur Ashe was a top ranked tennis player in the 1960s and 70s. Raised in the segregated South, he was the first African-American male tennis player to win a Grand Slam tournament. He was much more than an athlete though. His commitment to social justice, health and humanitarian issues left a mark on the world as indelible as his tennis was on the court. This site is dedicated to providing a unique multimedia resource for understanding and promoting the legacy and values embodied in the life and work of Arthur Ashe as a conscience leader, humanitarian, educator and athlete.

In 2017, the Arthur Ashe Learning Center (AALC) shifted responsibility for the long-term oversight of the academic profile of Arthur Ashe, UCLA Class of 1966, to his alma mater.   We at UCLA are pleased and privileged to ensure that the remarkable accomplishments of this exemplary Bruin are documented and preserved for future generations.

Numerous on campus partners have come together to guide this project including the College of Letters and Science, the Arthur Ashe Wellness Center, UCLA Athletics, the Bunche Center, the UCLA Alumni Association, and the UCLA Library.


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