Arthur Ashe Learning Center

Arthur Ashe Legacy booth at the US Open in 2017, staffed by UCLA students.

The nonprofit Arthur Ashe Learning Center was founded by Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe in 2008 to promote Arthur’s legacy and values. Sport, education, service, citizenship, health and wellness were central themes of the programming, which included a supplementary black history month curriculum used in schools and after school programs in six cities; the Inspirational Tour, a touring exhibit sharing Arthur’s life story using memorabilia, multimedia and interactive digital components that received over 8,500 visitors; and the former, a website for all things Arthur Ashe.

The AALC also ran a booth at the US Open which shared educational materials and was a supplementary source of fundraising in addition to the generous contributions from people and organizations around the globe.

After accomplishing these goals, the AALC transitioned these and other programs to UCLA where they became part of the Arthur Ashe Legacy Fund, continuing the AALC’s educational mission at Arthur’s alma mater.

Did You Know?

After having his first heart attack in 1979, Arthur became the National Honorary Chairperson for the American Heart Association, a position he held for over 5 years. He continued to serve on many health-related boards to help improve the health care system in this country in addition to founding several organizations devoted to community, local and global health care initiatives…     Arthur Ashe’s scholarly work and papers were donated to the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, a division of the NYPL Learn More

…Arthur Ashe was a member of a delegation of 31 prominent African Americans who visited South Africa to observe political change in the country as it approached racial integration.

Ashe was arrested on January 11, 1985, for protesting outside the South African embassy in Washington, D.C. during an anti-apartheid rally.  He was also arrested again on September 9, 1992, outside the White House for protesting on the recent crackdown on Haitian refugees…