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CMG Arthur Ashe Site

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USTA/ National Junior Tennis and Education
White Plains, NY
This national youth program, cofounded by Arthur Ashe in 1969 as the National Junior Tennis League, teaches tennis while also emphasizing leadership and academics. One of its biggest initiatives is the Arthur Ashe Essay Contest, held every year, where students write in 300 words or less why Arthur Ashe is a legend. Some of the other initiatives include an Invitational Leadership Tennis Camp and various Regional Rallies between geographical chapter groups of NJTL.

Ashe/Buchholz Tennis Center
Miami, FL
Founded as a safe place for inner-city youth to play tennis and learn, there are various tournaments and programs for youth held at the Ashe/Buchholz center through out the year.

The Official Site of Tennis Magazine

US Open Official Site

ATP Tour

WTA Tour

Wimbledon Official Site

Australian Open Official Site

French Open Official Site

International Tennis Hall of Fame

Davis Cup Official Site

Black Athlete Sports Network


Arthur Ashe Children’s Program
Washington, D.C.
Reaching 450 at-risk 2nd through 9th graders a year, this after school program works on tennis, academics and life skills. Every day has a prescribed amount of time for homework and one-on-one help. In addition, tennis instruction is provided on school and neighborhood tennis courts. These activities help keep kids involved in school and foster self-esteem and confidence.

Safe Passage Tennis Program
Los Angeles, CA
Using tennis as a tool to teach self-esteem, character and discipline, Safe Passage brings together educators, tennis professionals, parents and volunteers to run in-school and after school tennis programs. Kids enroll between the ages of 5-12 and can choose to continue in the program  all the way through high school, to age 18.

Virginia Heroes
Richmond, VA
Founded by Arthur Ashe in 1991, Virginia Heroes provides middle school students in Richmond with mentors who help them to develop life and decision making skills. Through visits to local colleges and universities, the program also encourages students to think about their opportunities for higher education.

Activity Village

Arthur Ashe Kids Day at the US Open

Reading is Fundamental


Arthur Ashe Elementary School
Chicago, IL
Located in a mostly Black neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, this elementary school educates over 700 students.

Arthur Ashe Jr. Elementary School
Richmond, VA
A Henrico County Public School located in Richmond, Virginia, Arthur Ashe Elementary has been serving pre-school through 5th graders since 1994.

Arthur R. Ashe, Jr. Foreign Policy Library
Washington, D.C.
The Foreign Policy Library, run by TransAfrica Forum, is a library oriented toward topics relating to Africa and the Caribbean. It is particularly focused on collecting works by authors of African descent and includes many works not readily available elsewhere. Arthur Ashe was a board member of TransAfrica forum and his library now holds more than 10,000 volumes.

P.S. 161, Arthur Ashe School
Queens, NY
A New York City Public School under the Department of Education, P.S. 161 is located in Jamaica, Queens.

Arthur Ashe Professorship at Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA
Created in 1995, this professorship was intended to further the knowledge and practice of medicine while facilitating greater diversity among the faculty of healthcare practitioners.

Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholars Award
Fairfax, VA
Diverse: Issues in Higher Education has been issuing this award every year since 1995 to one male and one female college student. These students must be athletes who not only excel in sport, but also as students and in campus or community activities. By recognizing students for their academic, athletic and activist commitment the award embodies Arthur’s well-rounded ideals.

Academic Homepage for High School Students

Partnership for Reading

United Negro College Fund

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture


Aetna Voice of Conscience Award
Hartford, CT

Healthcare provider Aetna founded the Voice of Conscience award in 1993. Arthur Ashe was an Aetna board member and the chairman of the Aetna Foundation. The award was established to pay tribute to the humanitarian and civic ideals that Arthur embodied. Every year they honor one employee who best represents those ideals by giving them an award and making a $25,000 donation to a charity of the recipient’s choosing.

Arthur Ashe Award for Courage
New York City, NY
Given out yearly at the ESPY awards, which were created by ESPN to recognize accomplishments in athletics, the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage is unique in recognizing athletes who transcend sports in dedicating themselves to humanitarian or social endeavors.

Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Award
Ponte Vedra, FL
Awarded yearly by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), the award is given to an ATP member and thus a male professional tennis player, who demonstrates a commitment to social or humanitarian concerns off the court.

Shared Interest

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People


Arthur Ashe Chair for Research in Pediatric AIDS
Memphis, TN
The Arthur Ashe Chair for Research in Pediatric AIDS is a position at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital for Research. The chair helps to supply funds and laboratory supplements for a doctor researching AIDS in infants and children.

Arthur Ashe Endowment for the Defeat of AIDS
New York City, NY
The Arthur Ashe Foundation for the Defeat of AIDS was founded by Arthur Ashe to raise money for research into treating, curing and preventing AIDS, the end goal being the eradication of the disease. In 1995, the remaining foundation funds were matched by Weill Cornell Medical College to establish the Endowment at the Medical College. The Endowment provides the financial support to run the International Healthcare Worker HIV Training Program, the Arthur Ashe Professorship of Medicine, and the Arthur Ashe Endowment Lecture, as well as for clinical trials for patients receiving HIV/AIDS treatment and other programs.

The Arthur Ashe Endowment International Healthcare Worker Training Program
New York City, NY
Each year the Training Program enables eight healthcare workers to come to New York for four weeks to receive specialized HIV/AIDS care training at the Weill Cornell Medical College. To qualify, the health practitioners must work in AIDS treatment and come from developing nations with substantial AIDS populations. During their time at Weill-Cornell, they learn about treatments and alternative practices for treating the disease that are not available in their home countries. Since its inception, more than 80 healthcare workers have received training through the program.

The Arthur Ashe Endowment Lecture
New York City, NY
This lecture series features world-renowned individuals who are involved in the fight against AIDS. They are invited to speak in New York at the Weill Cornell Medical College to the faculty, medical students and residents in training. The Ashe Lecture was established in 1996.

The Arthur Ashe Professor of Medicine
New York City, NY
This professorship is one of the newer Endowment programs, having been established in 2006 at the Weill Cornell Medical College. The Arthur Ashe Professor, a distinguished professor on the Department of Medicine’s faculty at Weill-Cornell, works in medical research and care and directs the Arthur Ashe Endowment’s programs at the Medical College.

Arthur Ashe Institute of Urban Health
Brooklyn, NY
The Arthur Ashe Institute of Urban Health was founded to improve the health of multiethnic communities in urban areas. These populations often display higher morbidity and mortality rates. It provides a resource for health knowledge and information about health care for individuals while collaborating with health institutions and major corporations to increase health care access.

Arthur Ashe Program in AIDS Care/Harvard AIDS Institute
New York City, NY
Running from 1998 until 2001, the Arthur Ashe Program in AIDS Care was developed to bolster the levels of physicians involved in AIDS care, particularly minority doctors, and also to provide a communications network for discussion and dissemination of new information about AIDS care.

Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center
Los Angeles, CA
This University of California Los Angeles student healthcare center was established at Arthur’s alma mater to provide health services to UCLA undergraduate and graduate students at little or no cost.


Medline Plus

National Institute of Health

Weill Cornell Medical College