Arthur Ashe Learning Center – Sponsors

The AALC appreciates the generous support of:
(through September 2016 – in alphabetical order)

$500,000 – 100,000
Aetna, Inc.
John and Jody Arnhold
Tom and Nancy Chewning
​ESPN, Inc.

Robert and Victoria Zoellner

$99,999 – 50,000
American Express
The Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Foundation
Kenneth and Kathryn Chenault
Lewis B. and Louise Hirschfeld Cullman
Ford Foundation
Loida Nicolas Lewis
The Reginald F. Lewis Foundation
Rolex Watch USA
USTA Foundation

$49,999 – 25,000
Henry Arnhold
Doug and Leigh Conant

Jane C. Frieden In memory of Dr. & Mrs. Harry M. Frieden and Mr. & Mrs. I. V. Cohen    
Nestlé USA
Gordon and Rehana Uehling

$24,999 – 10,000
Altria Group, Inc.
Arthur Ashe, Inc.
Bank of America
Lisa and Richard Cashin
Alexandra Dell
Dominion Foundation
DuPont De Nemours & Company
Ari and Sabrina Ellis
Jonathan and Roni Foster
Agnes Gund
John and Mimi Harris
Skip and Sara Hartman
HCK Recreation Inc.
George and Joan Hornig
Asha Jadeja
Lear Corporation
William and Carol Sutton Lewis
Jim Maher and Polly Scott
Crystal McCrary and Raymond McGuire
John McEnroe and Patty Smyth
Herman Miller
MTX Wealth Management, LLC
Nestlé Waters
Charles and Shireen Pasarell
Stan Smith Events, Inc.
Andrew and Ann Tisch Foundation

$9,999 – 1,000
Luchia Ashe
Charles Atkins
Christine S. and Leif C. Beck
Colette Bennett
Kenneth and Jelena Bentley
Patricia Blanchet
Bon Secours Health System, Inc.
Peter Buttenweiser and Terry Marek
The Chen and Cox Charitable Fund
Sanford and Diane Cloud
Christopher and Patricia Clouser
CMG Worldwide, Inc.
Casey and Ellen Cogut
Comcast Spectacor Charities
Anne D. Connelly and Barrington D. Parker
Carl Cronin
Agnes Cullen
Gordon and Peggy Cooper Davis
Geoffrey Davids
Donald and Carole Dell
Aaron Dixon
Ralph Dulany
DD Eisenberg
Patrick Ewing
Thomas Farrell
Edward and Arlyn Gardner
Philip Geier
Genworth Financial
Sara Fornaciari
Barbara and Peter Georgescu
The William and Diana Romney Gray Family Foundation
Charlene Guyer
James Harmon
Harmony Vineyards
Iris Holliday
Howard and Susan Kaskel
Bobby Kaur
Charles and Jane Klein
Kay Koplovitz
Peter Kunhardt
Patrick and Laurie Ledford
Fay Ann Lee
Ron Lense
Charisse Lillie
Elle Lowey
Maura Mandt
Donald and Catie Marron
McGuireWoods LLP
Lawrence and Cecilia Menaker
Merrill Lynch
Elliot Mitchell Family Foundation
Jason and Nina Mitchell
Eric and Lydia Muller
Travis Nuckles
Robert Parr
Richard and Laura Parsons
Jonelle Procope and Fred Terrell
Mary and Martin Puris
Lyn Rales
John and Hope Reese
Leon M. Reimer & Co.
John Richards In memory of Sean Austin
Cecila Rodhe
Donald P. and Mary Ann Saleski
Nate D. Sanders
Alvin Schragis
Donna and Steven Schragis
Nina Shaw
Stuart Siegel
Gordon and Jane Smith
Stan and Margie Smith
Peter Talbert
Fred Tattersall
Rodney Tattersall
Tennis Channel
Jim and Bobbie Ukrop
Jon and Shari Vegosen
Jakub Voracek and Nicole Warnecke
Rosalind Walter
George Wein
Barry Weiner
Wells Fargo
John and Sue Weinberg
Michelle Wood
Christopher Woods
Coleman Wortham, III
Barbara Wynne
Barbara and Donald Zucker

$999 + below
Jono Abrams
Machelle Allen
Marilyn and Neil Amdur
Louis Anderson, Jr.
Eric Armstrong
Gladys Austin In memory of Sean Austin
Stacey Averbuch
Dill and Sophie Ayres
Zoe Baird
Hector Baldonado
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bass In honor of the Honorable Barrington Parker
Robert Bayley
Victor Beelt
Mark Blake
Marlene Bledstein
Bracewell & Giuliani
Jean Carey Bond
Marie D. Brown
Mary Swinson Brown In honor of Dalitso David Mwanza
Heidi Burkhart
Thomas Cain
Emma and Emory Campbell
Janis Carter
John de Cesare
David Chan
Faye Chlorie
Stacy Ciaravella
Harvey Chambers
Kerry Clark
Steve and Lisa Clark
Steven Clark
Cathe Cole-Sherburn
Marc and Terry Columbus
Stephen, Juanita and Tim Csontos In memory of Sean Austin
Gerald Cyrus
Ashok Darisipudi
Henry Deguara-Pagan
Marianne and Paul Delise In memory of Melody Poltoneri
Claudia DeMonte and Ed McGowin
Heidi Diedrich and Kevin Umeh
Terrence Dotzler In memory of Howard Trachtenberg
Kevin and Tia Dowdell
David Duguid
Kathleen Dye
Thor Eckert
Robin Edwards
Peter Eliopoulos
Shanna Elza
Marta Emkes In memory of Harry Morein
EnTrust Capital
Ermenegildo Zegna
Jeffrey Ernstoff
Daniel Faber
Liz Facciolo
Reuben Farber
Ilene Fine
Eric Fischl and April Gornick
Linda Fisher
Michael Fiur
Sharon Floyd In memory of Sean Austin
Gregory Francis
Douglas Freeman
Brian K. Fulton
Harvey and Cindy Gantt
The GE Foundation
Jason George
Paula J. Giddings
Taylor Giles
Ed Goldman and Judith Riven
Jonathan Green
Stephen Greene
Cathryn Grene
Mark Grove
Shima Grover
Alexandra and Charles Grinker
Kym Grinnage
June Gumbel
Charlene M. Hamlin In memory of Sean Austin
Pascale Hainline
Brenton S. Halsey
Marco Harris
Jill and Monroe Harris
Robin B. Harris
Tira Harpaz
Laurie Hedgepeth In honor of Tom & Nancy Chewning
Elroy and Charlotte Hemsley In memory of Sean Austin
Natalie Herron
Anthony C. Hill
Evan Hopkins
Christopher Hopson
David Horne In honor of Alexandra Dell
Waller Horsley
Susan Hudson
Anne and Bill Humes
Evan Jacobson In honor of Irwin Shorr
Ernest James Jr.
Janice Joe
Jacquetta Johnson
Edna Jones In memory of Sean Austin
Keven Jones
Theron Jones
Andrew and Leslye Kaskel
William Kaskel
Mara Katsikis In honor of Doug Conant
Valerie M. Kling
Robin Krasny
Bedford Lally In honor of Cindy Hile
Danielle Lamb In honor of Corbin Hayes
Michael Lavelle
R.B. Lawrence
Gordon and Judy Levering
Marilyn Lewis
Wayne Lewis
Peter Lichtenthal In honor of Bernard Zion
Dan Limbago
The Lometti Family In memory of Michael G. Bendik
Susan LoPiccolo In honor of Shaun Blokker
Alice Loveys
Bettye Mack
Suzanne Maguire
Chandra Malhotra In honor of Shivani Malhotra
Aaron and Randie Malinsky
Edward Martin In honor of Neil Morrison
Raul Martinez
Marymount School of New York
JB Mason Charitable Foundation
Christine McKay
Chris McKee
Wend McNeil
Janet Carol Miceli In memory of Howard Trachtenberg
Linda Mitchell
Terry Moore
Toshiko Mori
Dawn Morton-Rias
Michael Moy
Dalitso and Mulenga Mwanza
Khurram Naqvi
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Newsome
Lina Ngo
The Alex Benjamin Norris Memorial Fund
Eric Perkins
Helen Petersen In honor of Christine Beck
Columbus Pollard
Ankur and Ahnal Purohit
Andrea Rahal
Emilie Raymond
Kathy Reinhardt
Robert Reuter
Roxy Richardson In honor of Nicole Cooke
Teresa Rimmer In honor of Henry Clay Rimmer
Daniela Rogers
Pat Romeo-Gilbert
Lynne Rubin
Richard Salwitz
Bronique Sanders
Beverly Saunders
Michael Schewel
Steven Schott
Paul Schwingler
Shahla Sehhat
Jain Sekuler In memory of Melody Poltoneri
Jacquelyn Days Serwer
Joey Shameh
G. Shehebar
Stephanie Shepard
Cindy Shmerler
Perry Sholes
Pam Shriver
James Simon
Howard Slonim
Earl Small In honor of Faye Carol Yarbrough
Debrah Smith
Genava Allen Smith
Jolynn Johnson Smith
Wallace Smith
Larry Sorrel
Stella Spanakos
Odessa Cunningham Staggers
Nia Sterling
Emilie Stichnoth In memory of Sean Austin
Frederick Stichnoth In memory of Sean Austin
Nancy Stiefel and Thomas Tuthill
Alice Sturm
Margaret Szmarowska
Robert Tamburro In honor of Chris Tamburro
Amber Thompson
Danilo Torres
Travis and Nichole Tygart
Robert and Jayne Ukrop
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Uzzell In memory of Sean Austin
Pat Weston
Marion White In memory of John Benn
Ralph Williams
David Win
Women’s Country Club Tennis League
James and Frances Wood
Kathleen Wu
Genevieve Young
Bruce and Lois Zenkel
Lopa Zielinski