40 Years Later: Ashe vs Connors

This year will mark the 40th anniversary of Arthur Ashe winning the Wimbledon men’s singles title. There are many plans in effect to mark the occasion, including an upcoming documentary about Ashe that will air on BBC Two as well Tennis magazine Senior Editor/Blogger Peter Bodo’s book Ashe vs. Connors.

This past weekend, UK newspaper The Independent also took a look back at that “extraordinary and bewitching” 1975 men’s championship match, breaking down the backgrounds of both Ashe and Jimmy Connors, their contrasts and similarities as well as firmly situating the showdown at the All England Club in its historic context (which included, among other things, disputes regarding the ATP and a libel suit). 

Read more in Paul Newman’s article “Arthur Ashe vs Jimmy Connors: The attraction of opposites.”

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