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There is still more than a year until the 2016 Elections, but you can cast your vote right now for a different kind of change in the United States: on March 1st, coordinated with the onset of Women’s History Month, the nonprofit organization Women on 20s launched a primary vote to replace President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. Encouraged by President Barack Obama’s remark that he thought “it was a pretty good idea” to put a woman on currency, Women on 20s is asking the public to choose who, of fifteen trailblazing American ladies, they think should be put on money. 

The goal is to garner over 100,000 participants, as that is the threshold of signatures to petition the White House for executive action. President Obama’s comment is especially important since all it takes to change the person on a denomination of currency is an order from the Secretary of the Treasury, who is a member of the President’s Cabinet. 

Anyone with an email address is eligible to vote! Visit the candidates’ page to read about some truly inspiring women in American history. Proceed here to vote by choosing your top three candidates. You will receive notification via email when the final round of voting begins.

Here at the AALC, we tried to guess who Arthur would choose for this, perhaps “The mother of the freedom movement” Rosa Parks? Or “First Lady of the World” Eleanor Roosevelt? Let us know what you think: leave a comment to tell us who you voted for and who you think Arthur would vote for.

Learn more about Women on 20s

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