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The Arthur Ashe Learning Center (AALC) website was dedicated to providing a unique multimedia resource for understanding and promoting the legacy and values embodied in the life and work of Arthur Ashe as a conscious leader, humanitarian, educator and athlete.

Arthur Ashe was a top ranked tennis player in the 1960s and 70s. Raised in the segregated South, he was the first African-American male tennis player to win a Grand Slam tournament. He was much more than an athlete though. His commitment to social justice, health and humanitarian issues left a mark on the world as indelible as his tennis was on the court.

The website ArthurAshe.org went live on February 6, 2007. Comprised initially of mostly video footage and photograph montages aimed at engaging and informing visitors, the content of the site has expanded rapidly to include original articles; current events and news related to Arthur Ashe and the causes with which he was involved; and a listing of the Arthur Ashe legacy groups/awards/programs. It also positively showcases young people’s achievements in various fields such as service and academics.

The website was administered until 2018 by the Arthur Ashe Learning Center (AALC), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in New York and founded as an educational resource that uses Arthur Ashe and his legacy as the building block for educational materials. In 2018, the AALC transitioned the website and other programs to UCLA where they became part of the Arthur Ashe Legacy Fund, continuing the AALC’s educational mission at Arthur’s alma mater.

We want to be able to look back and say to all concerned that we did what we had to do, when we had to do it, and with all the resources required.”
Arthur Ashe–
United Nations Address, December 1, 1992

Did You Know?

After having his first heart attack in 1979, Arthur became the National Honorary Chairperson for the American Heart Association, a position he held for over 5 years. He continued to serve on many health-related boards to help improve the health care system in this country in addition to founding several organizations devoted to community, local and
global health care initiatives…
Arthur Ashe’s scholarly work and papers were donated to the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, a division of the NYPL Learn More
…Arthur Ashe was a member of a delegation of 31 prominent African Americans who visited South Africa to observe political change in the country as it approached racial integration. Ashe was arrested on January 11, 1985, for protesting outside the South African embassy in Washington, D.C. during an anti-apartheid rally.  He was also arrested again on September 9, 1992, outside the White House for protesting on the recent crackdown on Haitian refugees…