Hometown Hero: A Tribute to Arthur Ashe, Jr.


A recently produced biopic from Ashe’s home state of Virginia, “Hometown Hero” recounts the legacy of the tennis player, educator and activist through the eyes of historians, friends and acquaintances. This documentary covers all angles of Arthur’s life, from his familial and social dynamics in a racially segregated south to his first forays into the tennis world as well as his posthumous and lasting influences on the sport and his various philanthropic efforts. The end of the feature highlights the construction and subsequent unveiling of the Arthur Ashe memorial by Paul DiPasquale on the traditionally Confederate Monument Avenue, furthering Ashe’s reputation as an individual who overcame racial barriers in order to achieve his goals and work towards the betterment of humanity.

Check out the video here and comment below! 

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  1. Victor Beelt
    Victor Beelt says:

    I’m really happy that even today, great tributes to Arthur still get published on the internet. I can’t stop reading enough about Arthur, My true Hero whom I’ve had the honour of meeting several times at Wimbledon where he worked for HBO. I’ve collected almost all his books and re-read them all the time. But this documentary was a great suprise to find on Facebook. Thank you!!!


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