ESPN’s 30 for 30 Short: ARTHUR AND JOHNNIE

Watch ESPN’s moving documentary about Arthur Ashe and his younger brother Johnnie. A never before shared story of sacrifice and brotherly love set against the backdrop of the tumultuous late 1960s and Arthur’s bid to win the first US Open. 
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  1. Victor Beelt
    Victor Beelt says:

    As a lifetime fan of Arthur Ashe, I’m truly grateful for the AALC to put this beautiful and emotional documentary on
    I visit the website very often and I’m again rewarded that new material on Arthur is shown on the internet. I had the honour of meeting Arthur at Wimbledon several times and talk about tennis. Also met him at the Westbury Hotel in London in 1977.
    Reading Arthur’s books on tennis made me a better tennis player and tennis trainer. My most cherished item is a postcard from Arthur I received in 1978 saying: “Victor Maybe one day we’ll get to play, AAshe”. That day unfortunately never came, but my collection of books by Arthur and the dvd “Citizen of the World”, give me a great feeling every time I look at them. Arthur Ashe, my true and only sports hero.
    Victor Beelt, tennis teacher. The Netherlands

  2. James Whittle
    James Whittle says:

    Mr. Ashe was such an extraordinary human being, and I hope his message continues to grow and spread. While we see so many examples of racism continuing in our world, more people need to know about him.

    • Michael Watkins
      Michael Watkins says:

      Neither Malcolm nor Martin, Arthur Ashe fought for all of us as the warrior of our hearts. RIP my hero! Thanks Johnnie!

  3. Larry Herbert
    Larry Herbert says:

    A wonderful short documentary about the brotherly love that spared Arthur from going to Vietnam. There is a photo of Arthur and some other players in front of Memorial Gymnasium at the U. of Virginia – I believe this was when the USLTA 18 and Under tournament was held there – in the late 50s. Charlottesville is my home, and I remember seeing Arthur play in that tournament. Could anyone identify the other players?

  4. Susan Ellis
    Susan Ellis says:

    Thank you to Johnnie Ashe for his service to this country and for sharing the story of the sacrifice he made so his brother did not miss the opportunities that grew into such an important contribution not only to sports but to society. . It is clear that you have the great moral character that Arthur had and are an integral part of his legacy. What great examples you both are of love, dignity, courage, and commitment.


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