Shining Stars | 2010 NJTL Arthur Ashe Essay and Art Contest Winners


Winner of the Boys 10 and under art category is Zaquan Moore of Berkeley, CA. The winner of the Boys 10 and under essay category is Daniel Stewart from Birmingham, AL. The following is his winning essay:

“Hello, this is Daniel Stewart, with the I Can Win Network. I am at the Ashe Tennis Cup of Life.” I do not believe winning the US Open was Ashe’s greatest accomplishment. In today’s game, the Ashe Tennis Cup, the opponents are sickness, discrimination, and the lack of African Americans on the tennis court. Competition is tough in this tennis game. The games have begun! “I present to you the brave and determined Arthur Ashe.”
The 1st opponent going against Ashe is the lack of African Americans on the tennis court. As he watched while children play tennis on the white only tennis courts. He looked at sports and sees no African Americans succeeding in tennis, only in basketball, baseball, and football. “I see discrimination playing a great game, because Arthur is banned from many tennis matches and country clubs because of his skin color. The score is 40-30. Discrimination is in the lead. Oh no, we didn’t see that one coming!” I yell in the mic, Arthur sends a fast ball. “The crowd goes wild, Arthur defeats the opponent and wins the game by being the 1st black player to win the Davis Cup!”
“I am African American, just like Arthur Robert Ashe Jr. I believe winning the US Open was not his greatest accomplishment, I believe his greatest accomplishment was his determination and brave spirit. To have these traits, once can win their “Cup of Life.” This is Daniel Stewart with the I Can Win Network.”

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