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Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day 2010 was one for the history books. Celebrities such as Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Demi Lovato, Rafael Nadal, Lindsey Vonn and  the Jonas Brothers performed, played and palled around on center stage and center court at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Watch the slideshow below to learn all about the exciting weekend, including a visit to NASDAQ.

(function(jQuery) { function init() { wSlideshow.render({elementID:”402424441909006532″,nav:”thumbnails”,navLocation:”bottom”,captionLocation:”bottom”,transition:”fade”,autoplay:”1″,speed:”7″,aspectRatio:”16:9″,showControls:”true”,randomStart:”false”,images:[{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/9791706.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”224″,”caption”:” In honor of Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day, Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe was asked to ring the closing bell for the NASDAQ stock exchange on August 27, 2010. The largest electronic stock exchange in the country, the room where the opening and closing bells occur has the appearance of a TV studio. Here, Jeanne reviews her talking points before the run-up to the closing bell begins.”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/8157714.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”224″,”caption”:”The NJTL arranged for several USTA/NJTL Arthur Ashe Essay and Art Contest winners to come for the bell ringing as well. With their backs toward the glass, you can see Times Square behind the winners and their parents. Here they get briefed about what is about to happen by someone from NASDAQ.”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/1017092.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”224″,”caption”:”The actual NASDAQ “bell” is a touch screen, which is fitting for an electronic stock exchange.”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/4293444.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”224″,”caption”:”David Wicks, VP of NASDAQ OMX, introduced Jeanne by talking about the history of Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day and the NJTL. His introduction and Jeanne’s short speech were both shown live on jumbo screen in Times Square so anyone walking by could see it.”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/7598932.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”290″,”caption”:”Right before 4 pm EDT, the countdown to ringing the closing bell begins. Everyone stands surrounding Jeanne and the bell while the clock reads “8.” The actual closing is broadcast live on CNBC and other financial news networks. Funny fact: because everyone was caught up in clapping and cheering, Jeanne was a few seconds late in ringing the bell and thus closing the markets.”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/3638924.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”224″,”caption”:”Afterward, Jeanne and the AA contest winners took pictures in Times Square in front of the NASDAQ offices.”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/4188951.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”300″,”caption”:”The NASDAQ jumbo screens continued to show pictures from the closing that had just happened for some period of time. “},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/4934764.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”224″,”caption”:”More shots of screens in Time Square right after the closing bell. “},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/7493136.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”300″,”caption”:”August 28th, the day of the event: Jeanne attended in the President’s Box, where many guests took pictures with her. Beyond them, through the glass doors are outdoor seats in Arthur Ashe Stadium.”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/429425.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”300″,”caption”:”Nick, Kevin and Joe—otherwise known as the Jonas Brothers—kicked things off with an awesome opening performance. The weather was perfect: sunny and 80 degrees. A great start to a GREAT day.”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/7419248.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”300″,”caption”:”Demi Lovato kept up the heat with a full stage and hot dance moves.”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/6361872.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”287″,”caption”:”Waiting to begin a match of kids vs. adults mini-tennis, selected NJTL kids along with Quddus, Melanie Oudin, Andy Roddick, Olympian Lindsay Vonn, and Novak Djokovic share an off-camera moment on center court.”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/6575809.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”300″,”caption”:”First up: Melanie Oudin.”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/3737864.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”300″,”caption”:”Next was Olympian Lindsay Vonn. She put up good showing considering she doesn’t usually compete when there isn’t snow on the ground. However, the kids’ team gained some serious traction against her.”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/9919381.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”300″,”caption”:”Tennis twins doubles duo Bob and Mike Bryan were on stage rather than on court. They performed in their band, the Bryan Bros. Band and featured a surprise guest rapper: No. 3 ranked men’s single Djokovic!”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/1674334.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”300″,”caption”:”More surprises: Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato showed up on the center court to sing their new duet, “Wouldn’t Change a Thing.””},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/6038973.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”300″,”caption”:”The crowds went wild during the performance of the former couple, who appeared totally comfortable passionately singing to each other.”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/3032298.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”300″,”caption”:”Back to the stage for runner-up American Idol star David Archuleta. The attendance this year was record-breaking with more than 22,000 kids and families gathering in Arthur Ashe Stadium.”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/582982.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”300″,”caption”:”David Archuleta would switch between just singing and playing piano during his amazing performance.”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/2831272.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”300″,”caption”:”A random moment where a production assistant preps Quddus for the next segment during the commercial break. Joined by Adrienne Bailon as co-host this year, he has hosted Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day since the beginning. This was his 15th year. “},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/9550670.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”300″,”caption”:”Jeanne poses in her seat with a big AAKD fan, Olivia Umeh. “},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/1575349.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”300″,”caption”:”The USTA/NJTL National Arthur Ashe Essay and Art Contest winners had prime seats in the President’s Box. Accompanied by parents or guardians, they had a great vantage point to enjoy all the festivities of the day.”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/2569370.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”300″,”caption”:”Later, Jeanne went to visit the New York Junior Tennis League Arthur Ashe Essay winners. From left to right are: Luchia Ashe (Arthur’s niece), Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe, Barbara Wynne (NJTL of Indianapolis and Arthur Ashe Essay Contest founder), Kevin Dowdell (Chair of NJTL National Committee), and Skip Hartman (former President of NYJTL).”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/9281670.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”300″,”caption”:”Kevin Dowdell started things off and was followed by the winners introducing themselves.”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/5818539.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”300″,”caption”:”NYJTL winners got to enjoy Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day in the NYJTL suite, with food and beverages and an indoor and outdoor section. Winners and their families looked on while Jeanne and others spoke.”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/1865601.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”300″,”caption”:”The winners posed for pictures with their awards.”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/4012819.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”224″,”caption”:”Camera Ashe (far right) poses with Leslie Allen (second from left), who runs the Arthur Ashe Endowment for the Defeat of AIDS (AAEDA) booth on the grounds of USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, and other AAEDA booth helpers during Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day.”},{“url”:”1/5/2/5/15252404/8099218.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”224″,”caption”:”The performances, crowd, weather, and special guests were all pitch perfect. Another successful Kids’ Day comes to a close—it may even be the best one yet!”}]}) } jQuery ? jQuery(init) : document.observe(‘dom:loaded’, init) })(window._W && _W.jQuery)

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