The Healthcare Bill


Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth, thus it was apropos that the new healthcare legislation passed and was signed into law at the end of last month. I suppose you could call it a rebirth for the state of healthcare in America. This groundbreaking new statute, called the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act means that almost everyone in the country will have healthcare coverage with plans that meet minimum requirements for benefits and services. Whether you agree with the legislation or not, it will change the nation and it is worth exploring with in depth analysis.

That’s why for April is offering information about the new healthcare law. We’ve put together features explaining how health insurance works, what will and will not change with the new law, the problems of the current healthcare system and a timeline detailing when these changes will happen. We have also created an interactive feature where you can see how the new healthcare law will affect your health insurance situation in relation to costs and coverage. We hope that our resources will help people educate themselves about this legislation and what it means to their lives.

Healthcare is such an important topic, especially when someone close to you gets sick. In that situation, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether you have coverage and if you can afford treatment. Through understanding and education, we can all be better prepared for critical health-related situations.

Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe
Founder & Chairman
Arthur Ashe Learning Center

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