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The Arthur Ashe Endowment for the Defeat of AIDS has been bringing some of the top names in the fight to end AIDS to Weill Cornell Medical College-New York Presbyterian Hospital to speak at the annual lecture for over a decade. Esteemed people ranging from Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, a Columbia University economist who also works as a special advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General and was the former Director of the United Nations Millennium Project Millennium Development Goals to Dr. Helene Gayle, who is the President and CEO of CARE, an organization fighting global poverty, and previously headed the HIV, TB and Reproductive Health Program at the Gates Foundation and current serves on the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS.

In 2008, the lecture was renamed the Arthur Ashe Endowment-Christopher L. Barley M.D. Lecture in honor of Dr. Barley, who is a doctor at the hospitals. In addition to his practice, he is the President of Citta USA, an international nonprofit focused on improving healthcare access, education, economic development and the general welfare of the world’s poor. They operate schools, hospitals, women’s centers and orphanages in countries all around the world.

The Arthur Ashe Endowment-Christopher L. Barley, M.D. Lecture previous speakers:

1996     Dr. Peter Piot (UNAIDS)
1997     Dr. David Ho (Aaron Diamond Foundation)
1998 Dr. Luc Montagnier (Pasteur Institute)
1999 Dr. Robert Gallo (University of Maryland)
2000 Dr. Anthony Fauci (NIH)
2001 Dr. Jeffrey Sachs (Columbia University)
2002 Dr. Gary Nabel (NIH Vaccine Center)
2003 Dr. Kevin De Cock (CDC, Nairobi; now WHO)
2004     Dr. Helene Gayle (Gates Foundation; now CARE)
2005     Ms. Laurie Garrett (Council on Foreign Relations)
2006     Dr. Bruce Walker (Harvard Medical School)
2007     Dr. Wafaa-El-Sadr (Columbia University, Harlem Hospital)
2008     Dr. Robert Siciliano (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine)
2009     Dr. Thomas Farley (New York City Health Commissioner)
2010     Dr. Seth Berkley (International AIDS Vaccine Initiative)

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