From offering scholarships and internships to current students who exemplify Ashe’s values to conducting an international oral history project that highlights his enormous impact and showcases lessons for today, we are dedicated to honoring the tennis and humanitarian great’s legacy with substantive actions for today’s students and scholars.

Funding Initiatives

Private funding is required to sustain and expand the activities of the Arthur Ashe Legacy as it relates to three primary areas: education, preservation, and activation.  Philanthropic support is necessary to sustain and launch priority projects and initiatives that complement our vision.

Contributions to existing endowments and discretionary funds will build upon existing groundwork to promote service, scholarship, and sportsmanship–the very values Ashe stood for as a Bruin throughout his life – and make UCLA the epicenter and permanent home of his life and legacy.

Arthur Ashe Legacy Program Fund

Discretionary program funding is essential to ensure that UCLA can continue to steward the Ashe legacy in the most impactful and meaningful ways—through seminars, exhibits, oral histories and digital archives.

  • The Ashe Seminar & Lecture Series will ensure classroom space and curriculum development for academic courses that teach students about Arthur Ashe’s life from a larger historical perspective.
  • His legacy will also be preserved by historians from the Center for Oral History at UCLA who will capture stories by those who knew him.
  • Funding will also support preservation of existing artifacts for exhibits to present a rich opportunity to educate the broader public about the remarkable impact of Arthur Ashe beyond UCLA’s campus.

The Arthur Ashe Jr. Endowed Scholarship

The UCLA Arthur Ashe Jr. Scholarship provides financial assistance to students who exemplify the attributes, values, commitment to service, and pioneering spirit of Arthur Ashe. Funding will build the existing endowment with the goal of providing full-tuition scholarships for one year. Awardees are selected by the Scholarship Committee.


By supporting the Arthur Ashe Legacy, your generous donation qualifies you for the following perks:

$25 – Arthur Ashe Legacy pin

$100 – Paperback copy of the biography “Arthur Ashe: A Life,” signed by Arthur Ray Arsenault

$250 – Hardcover copy of the biography “Arthur Ashe: A Life,” signed by Arthur Ray Arsenault

$500 – Limited edition, signed canvas print of Arthur Ashe by artist, Brendan Murphy